TL-2000 STING S4 - In April 2010, we ...
TL-2000 STING S4

Ultralight aircraft TL-2000 STING S4

In April 2010, we introduced a new generation of  the successful type called the TL 2000 Sting S4. During design and construction works we have combined the successful and well-established aircraft construction proven by more than 350 pieces manufactured, with new features which improved the flight characteristics of the aircraft and increased the comfort including the user's cosiness. The Sting S4 has become aerodynamically clean and it is unachievable in its class due to the elegant appearance. We have gathered 10 years of production experiance of the TL 2000 Sting Carbon and we have listened to all comments from pilots who flew the previous model for hundreds of safe flight hours. Primarily, we have tried to adapt the new S4 model to your needs, our valuable customers! Pilots who operated the model Sting Carbon praised it but they could always find some little things that they would improve as users of the aircraft. From all these observations and feedbacks and after careful development, the new Sting S4 was born. 

TL 2000 Sting S4

The TL 2000 Sting S4 is a two-seater low-wing aircraft, made from carbon fiber, powered by engine mounted in the front. Seating is side-by-side. The Sting S4 complies with all aspects of the Light Sport Aircraft (LSA - 600kg) ASTM standards and as well of UL2  standards of ultralight aircraft (ULM - 450kg). The new Sting S-4 improvements and aerodynamic modifications make it more than compatible with the Sting RG model which has retractable landing gear.

TL-2000 Sting S4

The Sting S4 is currently one of the fastest and best-handling czech ultralight aircraft on the market. This sport and cruising aircraft is suitable for all age categories. It ensures excellent enjoyment from flying. Its maximum speed in level flight is around 285 km / h (154 kn). Speed range of the Sting S4 is from the stalling speed 63 km / h (34 kn) up to never exceed speed 305 km / h (165 kn). 


The newly  designed Sting S4 grabs you and doesn´t let go. The aircraft turned heads at every airport because of it  's like curious design. The most striking feature of the cockpit is the panoramic, 360º view. The excellent cabin view as well as the low noise level contribute to the well-being feeling and comfort which is unexpected in this category of aircraft with the sense of freedom being enhanced by a considerable aircraft climb. The cabin consists of a single piece plexiglass canopy, which opens upwards and is supported by two piston rods. For the Sting S4 model the cabin has been redesigned to achieve better appearance. The cockpit is heated for better pilot comfort and new ventilation has been added to the canopy frame to prevent fogging. Other new S4 face lift features include new handles for opening the canopy, which provides more comfortable, easier opening and give better overall impression. For convenient luggage transportation the luggage compartment has been extended to 25 kg (55 lb) load. Primarily we have been focusing on providing better piloting and easy access for pilot and passenger.


Sting S4

Sting S4

Inside the cabin the pilot can feel at home. The cabin is sufficiently spacious and all flight instruments and switches are well-arranged in the pilot's field of vision. Everything is easily accessible even with your seat-belts fastened. The Sting model S4 was fitted with new ergonomic panel layout where the instrument space has been extended to accommodate the IFR glass cocpits. The new layout of the instrument panel facilitates a quick and easy scan. To make your piloting even more pleasant the bottom edge of the panel board has been moved up to create more room for legs. 

Sting S4




The aircraft is equipped with the complete dual control system. For the aircraft operation there are two standardly configurated control sticks offering maximum effeciency. New adjustable rudder pedal system now allows you to move the pedals in the range of 220 mm. The tricycle landing gear system is fitted with new design main wheel brakes. The front undercarriage leg is controlled. The nose gear design has also been completely changed and became more aerodynamicly clean and more elegant. Electricaly operated flap control system offers two flap possitions. One for take off at 15 ° and the second for landing at 35 degrees.

Sting S4

The Sting S4 is standardly equipped with the Rotax 912 (80hp), as option with 912ULS (100HP), 912iS with injection or 914 turbo (115HP). You can choose from wide range of propellers, either fixed on the ground or adjustable in flight. One of the best choice is PowerMax propeller. Instruments and devices, such as GPS, or the latest glasscockpit can be ordered according to customer's needs. The aircraft can also be fitted with a ballistic rescue system, which saves the crew and the whole plane in a case of an emergency. 


We introduced this model for the first time at the world exhibition AERO 2010 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. New design and modifications reaped great success there. The Sting S4 is suitable for pilot training, leisure flying and thanks to the speed also for business trips. We hope that you will become one of the happy owners of this new aircraft.


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