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TL-3000 Sirius

Ultralight aircraft TL-3000 Sirius

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TL 3000 Sirius – the perfect partner for flying fun without limits...

   Behind the TL 3000 Sirius – the new high wing carbon composite aircraft from TL Ultralight – stands the experience of more than 700 of its low wing siblings, the Star and the Sting. It is a refined aircraft with elegant contours, superb flight performance and unmatched comfort in the cockpit. The spacious and well-equipped cockpit, together with TL’s trademarks of high durability, reliability and ease of handling make the Sirius the perfect travel partner for relaxed and luxurious flying.

   TL Ultralight manufactures the TL 3000 Sirius in both ultralight and LSA versions, powered by Rotax 912 (80 HP) or 912 S (100 HP) four cylinder, four stroke engines.


The new benchmark in comfort and ergonomics – you’ll feel right at home!...

   The TL 3000 Sirius is setting new benchmarks in comfort and ergonomics: The well-appointed cockpit is easily accessible and offers generous space for pilot and passenger, with deluxe cushioned body-contoured seats, perfectly locking doors, ergonomically designed control and operating systems, dual yoke controls for aileron and elevator, electric flaps, and a spacious baggage compartment.

   The view is excellent – thanks to the high wings. Typically TL, the Sirius also runs very smoothly – low vibration and a very low noise level contribute to the feeling of pure enjoyment.


Powerful, versatile and reliable...

   Once in its element, the TL 3000 Sirius shows its full potential: It transforms engine power efficiently into cruising speeds up to 225 km/h (138 mph) and aero towing for gliders up to 720 kg (1,587 lbs). Its range is enormous:

The 130 l (29.5 gal) standard tank offers 7 hours of safe flight endurance with a reach of 1400 km (870 miles)!

   The TL 3000 Sirius combines high performance and very docile flight characteristics, its controls are agile and manoeuvrable and it is docile and predictable during landing and touch-down procedures. Its sturdy landing gear with GRP legs dampens impact well and forgives even pancake landings.  

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